Submitted by Shawn Durr on April 10, 2024 - 11:39

Meet Ernesto Hernandez, M+S CIO

Ernesto Hernandez, our Chief Information Officer, with over 30 years of IT experience, is a passionate advocate for community collaboration. He’s also an avid collector of vintage mechanical watches and believes in the power of simplicity. Ernesto embodies the fusion of technology, community, and passion and is a true asset to our team. Read more about Ernesto, and what he thinks is a current trend in IT our community should know about.

What would you like our community to know about you?

What I would like our community to know about me is that I've been happily married to my beautiful wife for 26 years, and together we are proud parents of a wonderful 25-year-old daughter. I've been working in IT for over 30 years. I'm also a passionate individual with interests that extend far beyond the realm of IT. I strongly believe in the power of community and collaboration, recognizing the immense potential that lies in working together towards common goals. I find joy in exploring simple solutions to complex problems, believing that often, simplicity holds the key to effective problem-solving.

What drew you to join the M+S team?

Joining the M+S team wasn't just about finding a job—it was about finding a community. Drawn in by the company's commitment to innovation and its inclusive culture, I knew I had found the perfect environment to thrive in. The opportunity to work alongside talented individuals who shared their passion for leveraging technology for social good was simply irresistible. Being able to provide technology solutions that enable nonprofits to fulfill their missions is not just fulfilling, but also deeply rewarding.

What is a current trend in IT our community should know about, and how does it create a specific challenge or opportunity for nonprofit organizations?

One of the current trends in IT that our community should be aware of is the rapid rise of cloud services. While cloud technology offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, it also presents unique challenges for nonprofit organizations. On one hand, migrating to the cloud can streamline operations and reduce costs, allowing nonprofits to allocate more resources towards their core mission. On the other hand, ensuring data security and compliance in the cloud can be daunting tasks, especially for organizations with limited IT resources. However, with the right strategies and partnerships in place, nonprofits can leverage cloud services to unlock new opportunities for collaboration, innovation, and impact.

What is a fun fact about you?

Despite my deep-rooted love for technology, I'm also an avid collector of vintage mechanical (manual) watches. From classic Seikos to Omega Seamasters, my collection spans from the 1960s to the 2000s. In my free time, I'm often scouring local stores in search of hidden gems to add to my collection. I'm a simplistic person; I don't have high-tech devices at home, and I've never owned a blue-ray player. Additionally, I'm an enthusiastic DIY mechanic, always striving to keep my old car- which has clocked over 300,000 miles- running smoothly.